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The History Of BedRock


Bedrock are a guitar-based "garage band" in the true sense of the word, as well as the tradition. They are also one of the most unpretentious groups of musicians you could ever wish to meet. Musicians? Ag well - you know what I mean! They are not into "image". They have not invested huge sums of money in trying to look the part. No, most of the equipment these lads use would never appear in any music shop's window display - most of it wouldn't even make the shelves!

The point, though, is that it works. Their credo is simple - we're out to have fun so why not get along and join us? What you see is what you get. Their view is, you see, if you can play a little you don't need to have an expensive guitar in your hands. As long as you're in tune and you have a guitar and amp that work you're in business. The fancy stuff can come later.

Most importantly, the band has always stuck to what it does best - classic rock covers...simple, straight-forward and very popular. Songs from the 60's right through to the 2000's. Not that that's all that they do - there's also a touch of reggae and country-rock here and there...just for some variety. They're also into their own compositions.

The Beginning

Oh yes, and where did all this start? Well, way back in 1994, bassist Pete Shout and a close friend, lead guitarist Pete Krog, were messing about as a two piece when it was suggested that they perhaps expand their number to form a rock group. First call was to acquaintance Eddie Heusdens who was sitting idly by with his drum kit, his last band having disintegrated a few months before. Eddie quickly enlisted. A few weeks later, and almost by coincidence, Charles Piggott, who had kept his musical abilities under pretty tight wraps, revealed that he had an electric guitar - and that he could play it, too! Charles could also sing. And so Bedrock was formed and went public in March 1995 after many months of serious practice.

After nine appearances the first blow was struck in May 1996 when Pete Krog, who is an out-and-out blues fan, declared that he was leaving the band to pursue his full-time career as a airline pilot with Air Mauritius. Pete departed in a good spirit and the hunt began for his replacement - a pretty difficult task in a small village like Oranjemund.

Shortly prior to this some of the band's members had been laying down original material at the home studio of a certain John Rodgers. John knew a few tricks on the old axe and it wasn't long before he stepped into the void created by Pete's departure. After one public appearance John announced that he, too, was on his way out of town. Back to square one and, in the absence of a successor to John, the band persevered as a three piece.

After a number of further appearances Ken Malherbe, a classically trained local guitarist, entered the fray on rhythm. Back to four.

September 1997 saw Jennifer, Ken's better half, attend her first practice adding her beautifully smooth voice to the band's vocal talents, complementing that of Charles who, hitherto, had carried the burden of lead vocalist.

It was in October of that year, after attending his first Bedrock function as an onlooker, that Kenny Ramage declared that he, too, was willing and able to join the Bedrock family. Kenny's arrival brought with it a musician of considerable experience and talent, assets that the entire band benefitted by. Musically there is no doubt that the band took a major step forward on the wave of Kenny's knowledge and ability.

Not only is Kenny a skilled musician, but he's a pretty good CAD draughtsman & it wasn't long before his skills were harnessed to develop the band's website. Within days was alive and receiving its first "hits". The site has gone from strength- to-strength and, today, can purchase Bedrock mnerchandise on-line. It is also possible to enjoy Bedrock's sound with MP3 files that are available on the site.

1999 witnessed a rash of departures of band members - Charles Piggott to Germany and the Malherbes to Pretoria. These losses were particularly severe as Charles and Jenny were the band's vocalists with none of the remaining members having any pretensions in this regard! After running an advertisement or two a number of persons interested in joining the band were auditioned. Out of that exercise came the selection of Mike Millad as the newest member of the Bedrock fraternity. And so, the show went on!

Since inception the band have played more than seventy gigs in Oranjemund, Luderitz and Kleinzee and their services are in constant demand. Understandably their prime base of support is in Oranjemund where they have a loyal - and vociferous! - group of fans. In mid-2000 the band released their first CD, a compilation of covers, those that have been most popular amongst their supporters over the past five years. In addition, they started to generate an increasing amount of original material intended for use on their second CD early in 2001. So, if you want to get what you pay for, pop along to a Bedrock "gig" for a good, old fashioned party.

  • October 1994 Bedrock - Pete Krog (lead & vocals), Pete Shout (bass & vocals), Charles Piggott (lead/rhythm & vocals) and Eddie Heusdens (drums) formed.
  • March 1995 First public appearance at the Oranjemund Gun Club.
  • September 1995. First performance in Luderitz.
  • November 1995. First performance in Kleinzee.
  • May 1996. Pete Krog leaves band.
  • August 1996. John Rodgers replaces Pete Krog.
  • December 1996. John Rodgers leaves the band.
  • April 1997. Second performance in Luderitz.
  • July 1997. Ken Malherbe joins band on rhythm (& backing vocals).
  • September 1997. Jenny Malherbe joins band on vocals and percussion.
  • October 1997. Kenny Ramage joins band on lead guitar (& backing vocals).
  • February 1998. Second performance in Kleinzee.


  • December 1998. Bedrock website goes "live" at
  • 31 July 1999. Charles Piggott plays his last gig with the band prior to emigrating to Germany.
  • 11 December 1999. Ken & Jen Malherbe play their last gig with the band prior to relocating to Pretoria.
  • 16 January 2000. Mike Millad joins band on guitar and vocals after surviving the audition process the best!
  • January 2001. Website achieves 5000 "hits".

    To be Continued

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